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St Stephen’s Hall - The marvel of Buda Castle - Guided Tour

St Stephen’s Hall - The marvel of Buda Castle - Guided Tour

Angol nyelvű látogatás a megújult Szent István-teremben!
After 20 August 2021, visitors to the recreated St Stephen’s Hall may appreciate for themselves the marvellous work of these artists.

Under the National Hauszmann Program, St Stephen’s Hall is being authentically recreated. Its internal layout, materials, decoration and furnishings all follow Hauszmann’s original plans. Design has been assisted by surviving plans, sketches and photographs, and the fittings and furniture are being made in about twenty workshops throughout the country by craftspeople who are using original materials to produce the ornate furnishings with the highest level of accuracy.

The work of today’s artists and craftspeople are worthy of the words by which Hauszmann, one hundred years ago, characterised the products of his associates:

I must pay tribute to the fine artists and artisans who took part in producing this work, which in its material and the quality of execution will I believe be widely recognised abroad.

You are kindly asked to observe the timeslot indicated on your tickets. Due to the characteristics of the venue, only a limited number of people are allowed in the rooms at any given time. When buying your tickets online, you may select the timeslot best suiting your schedule. Tickets are also available at the gate

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